Nick J Merrill
PhD Student, UC Berkeley School of Information
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signal-protocol (2016) - the Signal key ratchet, for node and browsers [ writeup ]

aaronson oracle (2016) - press the 'f' and 'd' keys as randomly as you can [ hn ] (2015) - encrypted, pseudonymous chat in the web browser

gentle-gifs (2015) - a bot that generates gradients

kria (2012) - an interactive story


Nick Merrill, Coye Cheshire. Trust Your Heart: Assessing cooperation and trust with biosignals in computer-mediated interactions. CSCW '17. Honorable mention.

Nick Merrill, Coye Cheshire. Habits of the Heart(rate): Interpreting and acting on biosignals in risky social situations. ACM GROUP '16.

Max T Curran, Jong-kai Yang, Nick Merrill, John Chuang. Passthoughts authentication with low cost EarEEG. EMBC '16.

Nick Merrill, Max T Curran, Jong-kai Yang, John Chuang. Classifying mental gestures with in-ear EEG. Body Sensor Networks '16.

Nick Merrill, Thomas Maillart, Benjamin Johnson, John Chuang. Improving physiological signal classification using logarithmic quantization and a progressive calibration technique. PhyCS '15.

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