Nick Merrill

phd candidate at uc berkeley school of information

biosense lab (2013-)



Nick Merrill. Better Not To Know? The SHA1 collision & the limits of polemic computation. limits '17

Nick Merrill, Coye Cheshire. Trust Your Heart: Assessing cooperation and trust with biosignals in computer-mediated interactions. cscw '17 Honorable mention

Nick Merrill, Coye Cheshire. Habits of the Heart(rate): Interpreting and acting on biosignals in risky social situations. acm group '16

Max T Curran, Jong-kai Yang, Nick Merrill, John Chuang. Passthoughts authentication with low cost EarEEG. embc '16

Nick Merrill, Max T Curran, Jong-kai Yang, John Chuang. Classifying mental gestures with in-ear EEG. body sensor networks '16


aaronson oracle (2016) press the 'f' and 'd' keys randomly. it's easy. just use your "free will" (2015) encrypted, pseudonymous chat in the web browser

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